Questions for Discussion

Part One

Charlie and Minette live in very different places.  Charlie’s country has had many years of war and Minette’s country has had peaceful times.

  1. What differences do you see in the places in which the cats live?
  2. Is your country more like Charlie’s or Minette’s?

Part Two

As Charlie and Minette settle into their new homes, they have very different lives. Minette has a beautiful house to live in and everything she needs. Charlie’s house is not as fancy as Minette’s and she does not have as much.

  1. How does having someone care about the cats change their lives?
  2. Does the fact that Minette has more things to make her life comfortable make her better than Charlie?

Part Three

Minette and Charlie have met new friends. Minette now talks with her neighbor Francois, and Charlie now has Gary living with her.  Their new friends have made their lives less lonely and much better.

  1. What kinds of things do Charlie and Minette do with their new friends?
  2. Do you have a good friend? What are your favorite things to do with your friend?

Part Four

Both Charlie and Minette must act to save their friends from danger, but each kitty chooses a different way to do this.

  1. How does Charlie deal with the danger Gary is in? How does Minette choose to help rescue her friend?
  2. How are the ways they choose different?
  3. Why are they different?