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Heroes Can Be Little:
The Story of Charlie & Minette

This is the story of two small cats who live in two very different parts of the world.

One, a very pampered Siamese, lives in a beautiful place where life is pleasant, and the other, a scruffy calico street cat, makes her home in a place that has known war and sadness.  They are different, and yet they are the same in many ways. Both are not especially big or strong, but they are brave and intelligent.

Theirs is a story that will inspire and encourage readers because it is a story that proves that no matter where you live, or how small you might be, you can be a hero.

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Our Characters



A former mine sniffing military K-9, now retired, Maya lives in the blonde-haired lady’s house. When she’s not chasing her yellow tennis ball, she’s chatting with her friend Gary and avoiding Charlie.



Minette was a pampered cat who really did live in a lovely place. She may be elegant and might seem a bit spoiled but when her friend was in trouble, she proved that she could be resourceful and selfless.



Francois was based on a very gentle and distinguished tiger cat. He is patient and long-suffering and loyal and trusting even when those around him are not.



Charlie is based on a cool kitty who lived in Kabul. She only has a mouth when she has something to say. She is little, but she is very powerful and able to take care of herself. But she’s not selfish. When her friends need her, she is there.



Gary also lived in Kabul with Charlie. He was very fat and he really did have eyes that wandered a bit. He is a good companion for Charlie and is not above admitting when he is wrong.