About Us

Why We Are Unique

With all the thousands of children’s books published every year, one might rightly ask why would we consider adding our voice to such an already crowded field of endeavor.

For us, it’s simple.

We believe that what children need is a classic approach to storytelling that employs only the highest quality narration. These new classics reflect the rich history of children’s literacy as it opens the world to them.

Our stories will broaden vocabularies and include glossaries of foreign words and phrases. Also, we infuse that classical approach with a modern twist, creating a website with interactive capabilities for both adults and children and videos that can be seen on Our Books page or Youtube.

We have also added questions for the end of each chapter on this website that will provide the opportunity for discussions. It is our hope that teachers and parents will be able to use our stories and those tools to begin discussions with kids about very important topics that matter.

Our first series, entitled Little Heroes: the Story of Charlie and Minette embodies the goals we set out to achieve. It is a series that introduces young readers to very different parts of the world, different languages and lifestyles as it also encourages children to think about universal principles like friendship, loyalty, and courage.

Who We Are

Mary Ann Callahan (and Maya)

Author (and inspiration for character)

Mary Ann understands that reading interesting books has multiple benefits for those who take the time. She also knows the importance of getting children interested in reading at an early age. So, when she returned from working in Afghanistan she wrote about the animals who were part of her life there. That’s where the “little heroes” saga began.

Karen (Bates) Santi


Karen (Bates) Santi grew up in Binghamton, NY. She is married and has three daughters, two grandsons, two dogs and six chickens. It was a blessing to meet Mary Ann and be able to work with her. It has always been a dream of hers to illustrate a children’s book. Now Karen brings our books to life with her interpretations of the adventures of our heroes.

Jennifer Santi


Jennifer Santi has always been fascinated with all things technical. When she heard Mary Ann needed a publisher, she volunteered. She’s a new mother who believes reading is important, as is working with her mother, Karen, she jumped to the opportunity. So far, she has published the “little heroes” saga and controls all of Growing Up Positvely’s social media.